Thursday, February 27, 2020

Developmental Interviews Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Developmental Interviews - Assignment Example According to Erikson, her developmental level reveals she is age appropriate at Industry versus Inferiority, taking into account her many interests, as well as high level of achievement. According to Kohlberg she is at Stage 2 of Pre-conventional Morality, Individualism and Exchange; she said she would either try a trade off with her sister about borrowing something or just wait until her sister was not available and let her own needs justify using the object. Through interviewing this participant, I was surprised to find her so well read and currently learning Mandarin Chinese as her parents are not bilingual. The challenge was in getting this person to remain focused on the interview and not on everything that entered the room; although she agreed to be interviewed, she had difficulty expressing her feelings, as though she normally didn’t do that very often. I learned that children can be surprising in regards to what they know and are interested in. Adolescence (13-18) Iden tity versus Role Confusion. The young lady I interviewed for this section was 13 years old; she’s in the sixth grade, a ballerina, and on the local Sea Turtle Patrol.

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